December has already started and Christmas is getting closer and closer. But in these weeks there is not only an expectation for the special time with loved ones, but it also generates great pressure on people due to the expenses that comes. Dozens of gifts, a great dinner, Christmas decorations, among others. Many people end up spending savings and even asking for credits to survive this time.

So what is the correct path? Spend it all? Don’t spend anything? Bury yourself in shopping malls until you get the right gifts? Actually, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Like everything in life, you can survive the end of the year and all the expenses involved if you decide to choose a balance, not only emotionally but also financially.

And for you to achieve this, we have prepared a list with five key tips that you can apply before going out to do your Christmas shopping, not only in the use of your card but also in the choice of gifts or the amount to buy.


1. Don’t let consumerism catch you

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The first and greatest point is that you understand that the Christmas season does not have to be synonymous with expenses and more expenses. Time with loved ones is the best gift you can make. Does that sound like a cliche? And it is actually so. That does not mean that you cannot or should not give something to whomever you wish, but do not allow expenses to become the center of this holiday. Plus, it’s an opportunity to teach your loved ones to spend smart and focus on what’s right.


2. Know your court and payment dates

Now, if there are some things that you are going to buy and you plan to use your credit card, something that will help you plan and optimize your budget is to take into account the date of cut of your plastic. If your cut-off date is December 17, you will pay for those purchases in February, with a longer period to regulate your expenses.

The payment date is also important. By keeping it in mind you can pay on time and avoid spending more money on interest, delinquencies and damaging your credit history.


3. Use a card that allows you to accumulate points or miles

3. Use a card that allows you to accumulate points or miles

In this way you will receive something additional for your purchases, earning something that you can use later. Ideally, your card will allow you to get an extra benefit, be it points, miles, discounts, or something extra. If your card doesn’t give you anything, it’s something you should think about. You can use the credit card comparator to know what are the best options and also, check if you have any pre-approved.


4. Organize the purchases you are going to make

An inevitable step is to get accounts and be honest about the money you have available. Once you put together a list, you will know how much money you can spend without putting your budget at risk.

Now, if there are more important gifts than the other, you can allocate a greater amount to one than to others.


5. Explore different options

4. Organize the purchases you are going to make

Do not stay with the typical shops and more commercial gifts. Look for other options at independent brands and even handmade gifts. Don’t spend more than you can afford or get obsessed with certain brands. If you are going to give something away, remember that the intention will always be what counts and with creative options you can find a way to save some money.

Also, have you ever considered donating to some causes? A great idea to do something selfless for others and teach your family something at this time is by making a donation to a cause that needs it, from a children’s home, from pets, among others.