Rather, no one will deny that the kitchen is really an important room in our home. Without it, we would not be able to prepare a meal for ourselves or even for the whole family. That is why it is worth asking the question of how much it costs to finish a kitchen.

Finishing and furnishing the kitchen is usually associated with high costs and this information should not come as a surprise to anyone. Especially if we have to buy all the equipment and furniture, and not just take care of the walls and floors. Then we count the cost of such an enterprise in thousands, so it’s definitely worth looking for savings in this matter because these are not always associated with poor quality materials or equipment that will serve us for a short time.

Kitchen equipment and finishing in the developer state

Kitchen equipment and finishing in the developer state

The developer state is a situation in which we have properly aligned walls and floors, the necessary plumbing points, electrical and gas installations, but nothing else. It is not difficult to imagine that there is still a lot to be done. We have to finish the floors, walls and buy furniture and all the equipment.

As for the walls, we can decide on either tiles or appropriate paint for this type of room. Tiles will definitely cost us more – around USD 30 / m2. In turn, the paint intended for the kitchen costs about 70 USD for a capacity of 2.5l, which is enough to cover 10m2.

However, it is worth remembering that we must first prepare the walls for painting, which is also associated with costs. However, when it comes to tiles, we have to take into account the cost from 30 USD / m2. On average, we can pay about USD 3,000 for finishing a 10m2 kitchen.

How much for kitchen equipment?

Finishing the kitchen in terms of equipment is definitely a more expensive party. Especially if we do not have komHumpty Dumptyetnie equipment and we would like the furniture to size. This can generate costs of up to about PLN 10,000 assuming the use of medium-standard materials.

We can equip the kitchen cheaper if we decide to buy ready-made kitchen furniture in furniture stores. The choice is really huge, and it can reduce costs by up to several thousand. It all depends on what exactly we are looking for – unfortunately in this segment, it will be difficult to find the option of building under the ceiling, so you have to reckon with it.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Finishing your kitchen will be a much cheaper matter, as you can easily guess. Unless we decide on a thorough renovation – with the replacement of all tiles and equipment. Then the costs may be similar to finishing the kitchen. The costs, as in the case of equipment, are also generated by the renovation team and we should take this into account.

In addition, breaking old tiles also has costs. Therefore, it is definitely not worth laying tiles only for a while when finishing the apartment, because such a solution will generate an additional cost. Adding cash to your initial renovation budget is a more cost-effective solution.

Kitchen finishing loan

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If we are faced with the challenge of finishing the kitchen, and the budget for this purpose is shrinking faster than we did with the lender, then a quick loan can come to the rescue. On the private lender loan page, we can borrow between USD 200 and 10,000, which will definitely help us cover unexpected expenses.

Then we will be able to immediately decide on such solutions in our kitchen that we would like to choose – additional cash will help us in this. Money should be returned before the repayment deadline, and the joy of the new dream kitchen will be indescribable.